The Hail Facts You Should Know

What do you know about hail? If you’re a Colorado resident, you know that it comes unexpectedly and oftentimes causes tremendous amounts of damage and that you need a good repairman on hand at all times. The weather is sometimes our biggest enemy, especially when it changes so rapidly. You might find that your vehicle has sustained hail damage at the blink of an eye. Of course you need to find a professional to provide fast and efficient hail damage repair lakewood co in such case. But, there are more hail facts that you might like to know.

Hail forms during a severe thunderstorm. A hailstone is a droplet of cold water that’s been swept up to the cold tops of the thundercloud where it freezes. That little frozen droplet attracts more and more droplets which freeze to each other. Eventually, it becomes too heavy and falls to the ground as a hailstone.

Did you now that hail is more common than a tornado? Most people are concerned about tornadoes during the spring, and rightfully so. They’re scary and very dangerous. However, it is more likely that hail damage will cause you trouble. There is an average of 5000 more hail damage reports than tornadoes!

Hail can happen with any thunderstorm, at any time of the year. The size of the hailstones depends on the strength of the storm. They can be as small as a pea or as big as a quarter – or sometimes even as big as a golf ball. Hail that’s just the size of a slim dime can cause damage to cars, roofs, and other objects.

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When hail has caused damage to your car, don’t wait to find a professional to make a repair. The sooner you respond to the damage, the easier that it is to repair. Costs are reasonable and the work certainly gives you back the peace of mind that you might’ve lost.