Cool gadgets for your motorcycle

Some motorcycle gadgets are great looking, others are practical, and even more, can help you out during an emergency. However, most riders only have a limited amount of time and money to truly deck out their ride with all the bells and whistles, so what gadgets do you get? After all, you already spent most of the money on motorcycle apparel, since no one can resist a leather jacket and bandanna!

For starters, getting the stuff that you will need on the road is the most important, which is why a handheld multitool is always good so you can make field repairs on the fly.

Having a second repair kit specifically designed for repairing flat tires is also key because while getting a flat tire in a car at least leaves you with a safe shelter to wait for help, a flat on a bike is just annoying and it can be harder to get help. A kit that can allow you to repair, patch, and reflate a flat is a must.

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In addition, a GPS system is also useful for navigating the winding roads, and finding one with a clear screen and one that is easy to use is easier than you might think. In addition, for really unfamiliar territory, the GPS can connect to your helmet and give turn by turn directions on the fly.

Once you’ve got those things, you can focus on having fun. If you’ve thought of riding the dirt roads with rock music blaring in your ears, then certain helmets can act as headsets. The helmets connect to your Bluetooth and are controlled by a single button, then you can literally take your tunes with you while you ride.

Other goodies include radar detectors, additional music controls, and visor upgrades to keep the sun from your eyes. Once the basic supplies are down, then you can completely focus on the gear you want to customize your ride.